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L.M. Falcone writes supernatural chillers for middle-grade readers, detective mystery chapter books for
the junior grades, and picture books for


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I Didn't Stand Up

Bullying manifests in many different ways. I Didn't Stand Up follows a bystander witnessing the pain of others getting bullied, but doing nothing to help. When the bystander becomes the target, who will stand up for him? This book was inspired by Pastor Martin Niemoller’s iconic poem “First They Came” in opposition to the oppressive Nazi regime.

Written by Lucy Falcone
Illustrated by Jacqueline Hudon


I Didn't Stand Up
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Illustrations by Jacqueline Hudon
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The Ghost and Max Monroe!!

Welcome to...
The Monroe Detective Agency!

When 10-year-old Max Monroe moves into his Grandpa Harry’s country house, he discovers a zany ghost living in the back yard. The ghost turns out to be his Uncle Larry, a bumbling detective who never solved one measly case in his entire career!

Things start to look up when Max joins Larry to solve mysteries in this new and exciting chapter book series.

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Max Monroe Case#1
Max Monroe Case #2 Max Monroe Case #3


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